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"You should not want to foresee the future, you should make it possible."

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Discover your inner strength and
create your own future!


Personal development for executives and managers 

My coaching for personal development supports you,


  • in the efficient achievement of your specific or yet to be determined goal,

  • in your exit from the hamster wheel,

  • on your way to a more prosperous and fulfilling life.


I accompany you in a process of self-knowledge

(who am I, what makes me special), self-acceptance

(I accept myself the way I am) and self-transformation

(I know my goal and develop toward it).

Realize your vision of (professional) life!

As an executive or manager, mental strength and a solution-oriented mindset are essential for acting confidently in challenging situations.


Create clarity, unfold your potential, and increase your quality of life!

Resilience coaching for executives and managers

The professional demands and the pressure to perform are higher than ever. As an executive or manager, it is important to use your own resources and to apply coping strategies successfully. In doing so, you also act as a role model for others.


Strengthen your resilience as a success factor in today's challenging working environment!

Resilience, or psychological resistance, refers to the ability to cope with stressful situations using one's own resources.


My resilience coaching supports you to


  • optimize inner strength and resilience,

  • actively prevent overburdening and burnout,

  • deal with high loads and stress,

  • overcome a crisis with your own strength.

Do not let external circumstances affect you; use them as an opportunity to create your own future!

Presentations and workshops

Are you looking for new impulses, and would you like to become acquainted with or deepen the understanding of personal development or resilience in your company or with your team?


Bring the importance of resilient behavior in everyday work closer to the participants with my presentation or workshop. Practical tools to increase personal strength and resilience are part of the content so that the participants can deal with difficult situations more confidently.


Choose the content of the presentation or workshop according to your needs!


Place of consultation

  • Tannerstrasse 57, 5000 Aarau, Switzerland

  • Other location by agreement

  • Online coaching by agreement

About me


I was always in control...


As the only child of a mentally ill and alcoholic mother, I developed resilient skills at a young age and successfully implemented them.

I held various management positions at the former Winterthur Insurance and the ABB Group. From 2013 to 2021, as Head of Insurance Risk Management, I was responsible for ABB’s global insurance operations.

I had my life firmly under control until one day, when I realized that I was no longer really happy, despite having an intact family life and an interesting job.


Thanks to a coaching process, I was able to regain my zest for life and my usual energy. By coming to terms with my childhood, I also decided on a new professional direction, using my rich life and leadership experience to support people with their personal or professional goals.

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