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Guest speaker Rochester-Bern Executive Programs

I am very pleased to have been invited as a guest speaker at the CAS Leadership & Inclusion of Rochester-Bern Executive Programs on Resilience. Resilience as an important component of Self-Leadership is part of the second module of the university program. With this, Rochester-Bern lives their promise: "We'll change the way you think"!

Interview «I was constantly in a stressful and anxious situation»

Read my interview (in German) for the Young Carers Guide and learn how growing up with a mentally ill and alcoholic mother affected me. My insights could be relevent to you as well! Also read the opinion (in German) of Jacqueline Schuerer, Holistic Resilience Expert, who accompanied me during the coming to terms with my childhood. Lesen Sie auch die Meinung von Jacqueline Schürer, Holistic Resilience Expert, welche mich während der Aufarbeitung meiner Kindheit begleitet hat.

Order book directly from Publisher Careum: To the book

Available in German only

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